About the National Security Council


The activity of the National Security Council derives from the National Security Council Law legislated in 2008 as a continuation of the Government Resolution to establish the National Security Council from 1999. Throughout its 18 years, the National Security Council has been responsible for a range of issues and security policy tasks that were institutionalized and expanded with the approval of the National Security Council Law
The National Security Council is the youngest political security organization in Israel. Its establishment is the result of an historical sequence of security and political events throughout Israel's existence. Many lessons have been learned from these events, which have helped promote and improve the work and decision-making processes of the Prime Minister, the Israeli Government and the Ministerial Committee for National Security (The Security Cabinet). This website details the mission, tasks and responsibilities of the National Security Council as determined by law. The National Security Council is guided by this law in all its activities.

The National Security Council is the Prime Minister's political security headquarters, and as such and in accordance with Israel's interests and the resources required, it has to integrate the views and positions of various governmental and security bodies, such as: the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Justice, Public Security and others, alongside the intelligence community and security services.

The National Security Council is a unique body in the governmental system, and comprises a wide spectrum of professionals in accordance with the range of its activities, including military, security, intelligence and research professionals, diplomats, people with a background in technology, law and the economy, researchers from academia, and representatives on loan from other bodies.

The National Security Council is governed by law and its work is conducted out of sense of profound calling for the safety and strength of the State of Israel and its citizens in the present and in the future.