Foreign Policy Division

Coordinates political-strategic planning in the National Security Council for the political echelon, and supports the ongoing activity of the Prime Minister's Office in the regional and international arenas.

The head of the division is the Deputy Head of the National Security Council for International Affairs, Ms. Avivit Bar-Ilan.


Division's Functions

  • To identify and monitor regional and global developments requiring input from the political echelon.
  • To coordinate policy analysis documents, map alternatives and make recommendations on issues relating to Israel's relations with its regional environment and with the global system.
  • To lead inter-ministerial administrative work for special requests and/or in accordance with internal decisions on matters under its responsibility.
  • To prepare National Security Ministerial Committee and Cabinet discussions on these matters.
  • To prepare documents for meetings and discussions between the Prime Minister and the Head of the NSC with regional and international parties in Israel and abroad.
  • To assist in handling the foreign relations of the Prime Minister and Head of the NSC with corresponding parties.
  • To nurture ongoing relations and hold briefings for foreign diplomats and guests.
  • To participate in cross-divisional projects in the NSC​​

Division's Activities

In the Palestinian Domain

  • To formulate policy recommendations vis-a-vis the Palestinian Authority: Policy at the strategic level in the West Bank; Palestinian activity in the international arena, with emphasis on international forums; the political process; and internal developments in the Palestinian arena.
  • In the Gaza Strip — To continuously monitor and update policy at the strategic level.

In the Regional Arena

  • To examine the new regional alignment developing in Israel's strategic environment in the wake of the regional turmoil, and map Israel's short- and long-term challenges.
  • To monitor domestic developments in Arab countries, with an emphasis on the first-tier countries, examine their implications on Israel, and formulate policy recommendations.
  • To monitor relations with the countries with which there is peace, Egypt and Jordan, as well as with Turkey, and formulate policy recommendations for these countries.
  • To formulate policy in the regional arena on strategic policy issues, and present policy alternatives and recommendations to the political echelon. In the International Arena

In the International Arena

  • To monitor Israeli-US relations: Examine American regional and international policy; extensive cooperation with corresponding government officials; recommendations for preserving and strengthening relations with the administration and Congress; formulate strategy for Israel on all levels of the relationship (American Jewry; social and political groups in the changing American scene).
  • To strengthen Israel's ties with European Union members, NATO and Mediterranean countries.
  • To strengthen Israel's status vis-à-vis major international forces, with an emphasis on China, India, Japan, Russia and Brazil.
  • To search out and implement political opportunities for Israel in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
  • To prepare work papers for all meetings/conversations/visits of the Prime Minister and the Head of the NSC with international parties.
  • To monitor the international campaign against Iran, with an emphasis on its nuclear plan.