Counterterrorism, Public Security and Home Front Division

The Counterterrorism, Public Security and Home Front Division consolidates and organizes the work related preventing terrorist attacks and preparedness for emergencies and crises that may impact the State of Israel’s national security, especially the civil arena.



Division’s Purpose

The Division works as part of the National Security Council and coordinates staff work related to counterterrorism and home front preparedness for emergencies for the prime minister, the government and its committees.

It is the body that regularizes and coordinates all other parties operating in the field in order to continually improve the national response to various terrorist threats and preparedness of the home front to emergencies.


Division’s Responsibilities

    To deal with challenges posed by terrorism in Israel and abroad, the threat of wars with the State of Israel and other emergency incidents, by:


  • Determining policies and regularization for counterterrorism.
  • Determining policies for civil defense and operational continuity of the economy.
  • Operating the National Crisis Management center in times of emergency.

Division’s Functions

Home front and crisis management

Ensuring that the civil arena is prepared for any emergency situation, whether military-related or civilian, and that the National Crisis Management Center is optimally ready in times of calm and during emergencies.

Security in the air, at sea and on the ground

 Coordinating between organizations in the field of dignitary and delegation protection, securing ships and aircraft leaving and arriving in Israel, and improving the State of Israel’s civil defense.

Border crossings

Coordinating between organizations to prevent hostile destructive activity at the international border crossings (land, air and sea) and the internal crossings along the security fence and the Gaza Strip.

Operational and energy continuity

Improving the State of Israel’s preparedness to secure and protect sensitive infrastructure to ensure operational continuity of government offices and the State of Israel’s energy continuity under any circumstance and in any situation.

Unconventional and “super” terrorism

Ensuring a fitting response at a national level to deal with unconventional “super” terrorism attacks and dangerous materials, and coordinating all the agencies working in times of calm and during emergencies.

International cooperation

 Maintaining international cooperation in counterterrorism and home front defense

תפקידי האגף בחירום:

  • להפעיל את המרכז הלאומי לניהול משברים על כל מרכביו.
  • לבנות תמונת מצב לאומית במצבי חירום ועפ"י צורך.
  • לוודא מימוש החלטות ממשלה במצבי החירום השונים
  • לסייע ליועץ ראש הממשלה לביטחון לאומי ולראש המל"ל להפעיל את עבודת הממשלה בחירום.