Domestic Policy Division

The Domestic Policy Division coordinates the treatment of domestic issues that intersect with the national security of the State of Israel.


The division is headed by Col. (Res). Amit Aviram.


Division’s Responsibilities

  • To follow up on trends and processes relating to the State of Israel’s national security.
  • To coordinate the staff work at the national and systemic-strategic levels on issues that affect national security.
  • To consolidate work on security and political aspects related to minorities in Israel.
  • To formulate policy recommendations for the political echelon in preparation for sensitive times and following irregular incidents.
  • To prepare discussions for the Ministerial Committee for National Security (the Cabinet) on issues relating to the division’s activities, including mapping out alternatives and formulating recommendations for members of the Cabinet.
  • To maintain continuous ties with security agencies, government ministries, intelligence agencies and other relevant civilian organizations in the division’s fields of activity.
  • To follow up on the implementation of decisions passed by the Cabinet on issues related to the division.
  • To prepare annual situation assessments for the political echelon on issues related to domestic policy.
  • To participate in cross-divisional projects in the NSC​​
  • To assist the National Security Advisor and Head of the NSC on the full range of domestic policy issues.