The Division for Security Policy

The Division for Security Policy coordinates security aspects pertaining to national security.

​The Division is Headed by  Brig.-Gen. (Res.) Mordechai Kahana.

Division's Functions​​​

  • Coordinating and leading the NSC's agenda with regard to security policy, security budget and large-scale security projects.
  • Formulating position papers regarding security doctrine and policy.
  • Gathering materials for Security Cabinet deliberations.

Division's Activities

The Division for Security Policy is responsible for a range of security issues, most of which are classified and confidential. The following survey lists some of the division's activities that are authorized for publication.

Core Activities of the Division of Security Policy

  • Performing security-related staff work as required or as specifically instructed from time to time.
  • Integrating special security-strategic situation assessments with general national situation assessments that are then integrated into the situation assessment division.
  • Addressing issues relating to plans for security resources and security doctrine.
  • Analyzing issues of deterrence, force building and its use.​