The Division for International Visits and Foreign Relations

The Division is responsible for planning, formulating and executing the Prime Minister's international visits, in Israel and abroad.

Ms. Edna Halbani is Director of the International Visits Division.​



Division's Activities

Responsibility for visits in Israel, including all the logistical, administrative and ceremonial aspects of international and state visits by foreign dignitaries who meet with the Prime Minister (presidents, prime ministers, ministers of foreign affairs, delegations, members of parliament etc.), as well as Christian and Jewish organizations, financial and security groups, etc.


Responsibilities for the Prime Minister's visits abroad include itinerary preparation, hotel bookings, vehicle and convoy arrangements. The Division's Director travels in advance to the destination and conducts preparatory meetings with embassy staffs, senior officials from local ministries, (Prime Ministers' Offices, Foreign Affairs Ministries) directors of protocol, close protection officers, heads of organizations, etc.​​​​​