Intelligence, Integration and Ministerial Committees Division

The Intelligence, Integration and Ministerial Committees Division integrates and prepares the NSC’s intelligence assessment and national integrative situation assessment, based on work conducted by the various policy planning divisions in the NSC and on work conducted by the authorities responsible for foreign affairs and security and the intelligence community.

The division is responsible for coordinating the NSC’s activities, and those of the foreign affairs and security authorities in Israel, related to preparing for and running committee meetings and other ministerial forums related to national security, and to brief the ministers and expand their knowledge as needed (and especially the Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs).

The Division is headed by Col. (Res.) Ran Peled.


Division’s Main Responsibilities

  • To formulate and concentrate proposals for items to be on the agenda of meetings of the National Security Cabinet, ministerial committees and security discussions held by the prime minister
  • To formulate a daily continuous and integrative situation assessment for the NSC and the Cabinet ministers to use during routine times and in times of emergency. (As part of its duties, the division operates a 24/7 national situation room, which prepares the assessments.)
  • To conduct annual, periodic and ongoing situation assessments, and in the wake of significant and developing events, for the political echelon
  • To prepare and run meetings of the National Security Cabinet and relevant ministerial committees, in accordance with the national agenda, and to follow-up on the implementation of decisions made therein
  • To lead, in routine times and times of emergency, steps taken to prepare National Security Cabinet ministers for their positions, expand their knowledge and provide regular professional briefings, including ahead of Cabinet meetings
  • To prepare an integrated intelligence situation assessment (terrorist threats and threats to the home front), including dealing with terrorist threats on Israelis abroad, issuing travel warnings for Israelis traveling abroad, defining terrorist threat scenarios as the basis for determining the threat reference for terrorism and threats to the home front, building up and regularly improving the capabilities for coping with terrorism by Global Jihad at the national level