Recommended Rules of Conduct Abroad


  General Conduct:


  • Be alert to unusual circumstances (odd behavior, suspicious objects, strangers showing interest in you, etc.).
  • It is recommended that you not emphasize your Israeli identity (in your clothing, equipment or behavior) unless necessary.
  • Do not accept tempting offers under unexpected circumstances (financial, business, entertainment, etc.).
  • Always carry your passport with you. Do not leave it anywhere, not even at the hotel reception.
  • Before leaving Israel, it is recommended to get the telephone number of the office of Israel's representative in your country of destination. You can also obtain these phone numbers abroad from the telephone book, the hotel reception or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.
  • Avoid mentioning your position or rank within the defense establishment, including past military service.
  • Do not volunteer unnecessary information about your plans and do not allow anyone to "get you to talk."
  • Avoid political arguments with strangers and keep clear from demonstrations.
  • As much as possible, avoid congregating with a large group of Israelis (at the airport, tourist sites, etc.).


  Conduct to Prevent Kidnapping:


  • Reject unexpected offers (gifts, entertainment, etc.).
  • Reject invitations to unexpected or suspicious business meetings from unknown sources or at remote or isolated places, especially after dark.
  • Be sure to go to unplanned meetings only with a reliable companion.
  • Be sure that a relative or friend in Israel has your travel plans and meeting schedule and be in touch with contacts in Israel from time to time.


  Conduct while Staying at a Hotel:


  • Be sure to lock the door when you are in the room both day and night.
  • Do not allow any person you do not know to enter your room (room service should be avoided).
  • When returning to the hotel, check if anyone has handled your belongings, especially your suitcases.
  • Do not accept or open any unknown packages or gifts sent to you at the hotel.
  • Avoid staying in dubious places (even if they are cheaper).


  Recommended Conduct on the Street and in Public Transportation:


  • Do not get in a taxi or other vehicle that stops for you of their own accord. It is best to order a taxi by phone.
  • When taking the train, only sit in populated train cars.
  • If you have a private car, make sure to lock it when parked.
  • Avoid wandering in a small group in isolated or shady areas in a vehicle or on foot.
  • When shopping, make sure you are given only the items you have purchased.
  • During a long stay in one place, be sure to change your routine, i.e. where you're going and how you get there.


  Recommended Conduct on Flights:


  • Avoid flying in airlines of countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.
  • If during a flight you get into a troubling situation because you are Israeli, ask the captain of the plane to take you under their protection and entrust them with your passport.
  • Be sure to examine your luggage before a flight. When packing, go through the contents of your suitcases carefully. Do not pack anything that you do not identify with certainty. Lock your suitcases carefully and do not leave them unattended until handing them in at the airport.